Through the consolidation of infrastructure indicators and business indicators, D2BI (Diagnostic to Business and Infrastructure) makes it possible to quickly and easily diagnose all operational and strategic levels of the IT value chain. Automatically generating information to support your resolutions and allowing you to follow, in a general or specific way, what the real impact that certain incident has caused to an area of ​​your company.



Allows you to manage processes and procedures as well as made available to internal or external teams, ensuring that updates are up to date. As there is integration between registered documents and continuous monitoring, the information base is efficient and we have the obligation to read and re-read documents and processes, which are predetermined and managed automatically.

In this way, the environment as a whole and the teams involved can work in an integrated manner and focus on their specific activities.


  • Ensure the consolidation of processes and procedures in a single location;
  • Facilitate the search and search for information;
  • Keep processes and procedures updated;
  • Keep work teams up-to-date through the requirement to read the processes and procedures.


More than having control over calls and calls made by the team, the tickets module ensures compliance with SLA's previously agreed with the business areas, regardless of whether these tickets are automatically demanded by continuous monitoring, manual opening of areas or sending of calls email.

A dynamic organization is created, which monitors the entire process from the call to the resolution of the service.

  • Tickets automatically opened by monitoring;
  • Controls infrastructure and business areas incidents;
  • Controls incidents of business processes and user experience simulation;
  • Comprehensive graphics that simplify SLA analysis.



    Having infrastructure management in a simple and efficient way allows the IT manager to have a comprehensive view of all monitored environments. Likewise, the technical staff has a better detail of incidents and deviations in the behavior of the environment.

    In addition, the possibility of linking the behavior of the infrastructure to business indicators facilitates understanding and supports IT management in its strategic decisions.


    • Managerial and technical graphics at a single click;
    • Growth projections based on business indicators;
    • Integrated business process indicators;
    • Vision of the evolution of infrastructure indicators and business indicators;
    • Consolidation of all information through automatic generation of an Executive Summary of the environment.


    Continuous monitoring of environments minimizes the impact of incidents and ensures the necessary proactivity to meet the requirements of the business areas. The IT environment is modernized and develops a more strategic, intuitive and efficient administration - essential characteristics for a safe and agile service.


    • Continuous monitoring of any network asset via SNMP or WMI.
    • Infrastructure asset management and IT budget management guarantee the renewal of support and provisioning contracts.
    • Non-invasive and secure monitoring, meets the most demanding existing security rules.
    • No plugins are required.
    • Integrated with the other modules, all incidents are viewed in a single monitoring console.
    • Monitors business rules and user experience processes.
    • Opens automatic calls for all identified incidents.
    • Sending SMS for critical incidents.
    • Generates evidence for external and internal audits.



    The project module allows to control in a simple and effective way the projects in progress by the IT area, ensuring a stable and secure evolution of the projects and a focus on strategic results.


    • Project management
    • Cost tracking.
    • Compliance with SLA’s.


    Currently, it is not enough to monitor the infrastructure. Given the complexity of the environments, simulating the user experience through process mapping has become essential to guarantee service levels. The D2BI allows you to map the processes, automatically simulate the user experience through automated robots, integrating the obtained indicators and their deviations to continuous monitoring, as well as automatically opening tickets.


    • Necessary infrastructure at very low cost;
    • Necessary infrastructure at very low cost;
    • Integrated with continuous monitoring;
    • Automatic opening of tickets;
    • Sending SMS for situations that affect business areas.

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    Talk to our team

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    Address: Rua José Versolato, 111 - 18th Floor - São Bernardo do Campo