Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We are proud to be able to work with companies of such great value and we continue to go to great lengths to bring the best solutions for all businesses. 



SphereIT has been our partner for several years, supporting us in strategic projects and their execution. In addition to its technical competence, ability to propose solutions, add value, have a technological vision, meets the requirements of satisfaction and focus on the customer

Renato A Russo - IT Operation Manager - Abbott

I met Sphere in 2018 when it was already providing 3rd level support services to ENS in the form of separate services. Since then they have taken over the support of servers, network, plus backup management. All the work has been a great partnership and they help us even in what is not in the contract. Today we know that we can count on Sphere in the best and worst moments and that in planning or when they are in trouble, they will be there to support us

Luiz Mattua - Superintendent of Information Technology - ENS - Escola Nacional de Seguros

Sphere was the company chosen to make the transition from an extremely complex operation that presented several problems, in addition to being in another state. After hard, persistent work the result was very satisfactory! In addition to 100% of the domain of technology, until then many of the items were not part of the Sphere team's expertise, the platform was much more stable and the level of zero downtime, another important point to highlight was the significant improvement in the platform's performance. The platform serves the 27 states and around 12,000 companies and approximately 3,000,000 workers spread across Brazil!

Adriano Carlos Gliorsi - CIO - EZVida Soluções em Saúde

Sphere has been an essential partner for our activities for the past 10 years. A serious and committed company with the client, transmitting agility and dedication, acting quickly and competently. Exceeding our expectations.

Sandro Gurian - IT Manager - Unicamp Development Foundation - FUNCAMP

Currently, data are one of the most important assets of any institution and, at FCMC, we use them in an increasingly strategic way. For this, it is essential to have partners who understand our need and are always on hand to help us. Thus, I would like to highlight our partnership with SPHERE IT, which for more than 10 years has served us in a unique way, whether in support of daily demands or in specific projects. We feel safe and confident with this relationship of transparency and quality.

Jorge Galvão - Information Technology Manager - Campinas Medical Center Foundation

Having Sphere as a partner is the great differential to achieve the necessary quality in our day to day, we can always count on the availability and professionalism of your team.

Marcello Abreu - CIO - Grupo Libra

There are few suppliers that we are willing to make a statement. Likewise, few have as much chemistry and understanding of our business as Sphere does. It is not for nothing that this relationship started in 1999 and lasts until today. Our relationship with Sphere takes the word partnership literally. The relationship goes far beyond technique, where the important thing is understanding and delivering the solution, thinking about today, but looking to the future. I see Sphere as an extension of the company, a department that is miles away from our physical headquarters. A partner with great technical and plural capacity in IT matters. During all these years, we discussed infrastructure, database, solution model, applications, governance and, more recently, IaaS, PaaS and Data Center. Knowledge, commitment and commitment is with Sphere.

Gustavo Saraiva - IT Director at Luft divisions Agro | Solutions | Transports 

Sphere IT over the years has proven itself to be a strategic and competent partner.
It presents solutions to projects involving Database, Infrastructure and Firewall, supporting and providing support to the Company in achieving important results and helping us to overcome all challenges in the IT area. A partner that, in addition to quality, meets our expectations in the services provided, with professionalism and transparency.

Fabio Nogueira - Infrastructure Manager - Polishop 

Sphere's professionals are focused on results and value delivery quality. The company's management is highly committed to customer experience and satisfaction.

During my professional life I did not know another company with all these elements together and distributed in this way among professionals.

Leandro Abade - IT Director - UNIFAA - University Center of Valença

Sphere was and will always be a strategic company for the growth of any business. Thanks to its way of looking for solutions that add value, Sphere created the necessary foundations to support the growth in the customer base by 30%. Currently, we have a stable environment with performance and fully aligned with the Operator's objectives.

Diretoria de Tecnologia da Informação – Santa Helena/UnitedHealthcare

I met Sphere through another partner, as we had the need to improve our service in database and middleware. We started this partnership in September 2019 and since then they have taken over the support of databases and web servers. The impact of the operational change was in the first month with super positive feedback from our entire IT team, as Sphere works proactively and in partnership with SURA. Agility and commitment to our demands is a strong mark of all the professionals who serve us.

Carlos Bacetti - Technology Director - Seguros Sura

Carlos Bacetti - Technology Director - Seguros Sura

Guilherme Dalto - Systems and IT Manager - Viracopos Aeroportos Brasil

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Talk to our team

+55 11 4178-8811

Address: Rua José Versolato, 111 - 18th Floor - São Bernardo do Campo